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Whatever your role at Ruth’s Chris, our goal is to be the best job you’ve ever had, working among the best in the business. Learn the story behind this legendary steak house and its humble beginnings, and explore current opportunities to become a part of our elite team.

The Story

About Ruth’s Chris

Ruth Fertel was determined to provide a better life for her family. Even after a fire forced her to move the original Chris Steak House, her enthusiasm and perseverance helped her dream take flight – this time, with her own name on the door: Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

the original Chris Steak House that preceded Ruth's Chris Steak House

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Read stories from our Team Members and our promises to our People to see how Ruth’s legacy continues in our restaurants today.

Falling in Love With The Sizzle

Abdiel’s Story

Team Member Promise #1: Belonging. Ensuring you experience the Sizzle of Ruth’s Chris, have a work environment where you are welcomed and respected for who you are and feel appreciated for your contributions. It includes listening to you, celebrating your wins in ways that are meaningful to you and inviting you to celebrate the wins of your Team Members and Ruth’s Chris.

From watching his grandmother cook in his hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to leading the culinary team as Executive Corporate Chef of Ruth’s Chris, Chef Abdiel Aleman knows that the right mix of determination, hard work, and caring for others are all key ingredients in the journey to success.

Abdiel Aleman
Hospitality Professor: The Growth Mindset of Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Kimberly’s Story

Team Member Promise #2: Teaching. Ensuring you are prepared to achieve what we ask of you and provide you with the opportunity to prepare yourself to perfectly execute your job. It is providing opportunities for you to add to the knowledge and skills you require to perform your job today and to prepare yourself for the job you want tomorrow.

Kimberly Lewis’s hospitality spirit came into the spotlight back in college at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Inspired by growing up with big family Sunday dinners at home to “start the week off right,” she hosted a holiday meal in 1997 for 15 or so friends who did not have a chance to return home to celebrate. The gathering was so well received that she kept them going as a tradition year after year.

Kimberley Lewis
Luck Takes Work: The American Dream

Chef Luis’ Story

Team Member Promise #3: Unwavering Support. Ensuring you have a safe work environment and access to the resources, education, equipment and supplies you need to do your best. It is ensuring you have the best Team Members with which to work with.

Luis Gomez was a Mexican immigrant who began in an overnight janitorial role in the United States, moves to washing dishes in fine-dining restaurants and eventually serves as Corporate Chef for a chain of over 150 steak houses across the world.

Luis Gomez
Restaurant Family

Alek’s Story

Team Member Promise #4: Clear Direction. Ensuring you have clear and timely communication of priorities, changes and anything else that affects your ability to do your job.

Aleks Kunov grew up in Bulgaria where every achievement (large or small, from birthdays to academic awards) was a cause for celebration. His path from the Balkan peninsula to the role of General Manager for Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Bonita Springs, FL is as inspiring as it is fascinating.

Aleks Kunov
Setting the Bar for Hospitality

Carolyn’s Story

Carolyn Meyers’ decision to pursue a career with Ruth’s Chris was very deliberate. She had always loved the quality, the legendary service it offers to its guests, and she wanted to be a part of an organization that she truly believed in.

Caroyln Meyers
Bet On Yourself

Melissa’s Story

In the Spring of 2014, Melissa Gordon was tending bar when a group of Ruth’s Chris Team Members came in for happy hour. As they chatted, she learned that Ruth’s Chris was hiring. Impressed by what she heard about the company from these Team Members, Melissa decided to take a leap and joined the Ruth’s Chris family as a bartender. Now she is the company’s Manager of Menu, Beverage & Operational Support.

Melissa Gordon

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