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The Filet Mignon. Favored by many for its melt-in-your-mouth texture, mild beef flavor and ability to pair beautifully with delicate seafood and sauces, a filet is one of the most popular cuts of beef you can find.

The term Filet Mignon has been found as far back as the early 1800s – a period in culinary history when a number of French butchers were apparently rather obsessed with finding the perfect cut of beef (and we thank them for it).

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While “mignon” is a French word that literally means cute or sweet, it’s much more than a term of endearment for steaks lovers. Filets are steaks cut from the tenderloin, a little-worked interior muscle that runs from the ribcage toward the butt. Since the filet was traditionally cut from the smaller portion of the tenderloin, French butchers called these cuts “filet mignon.” Today it is most commonly referred to simply as a filet.

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Since there’s very little marbling and not a lot of fat or connective tissue inside the filet, it’s arguably the most tender of all high-end cuts of beef. We add our special 28-day aging process to further its flavor and tenderness.

Many people prefer a filet’s delicate mouthfeel and mild flavor over meatier, more marbled beef steaks like ribeyes or New York strips – our founder’s favorite. That’s because texture has a lot to do with taste, especially when it comes to meat and seafood

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